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“Poems don’t have to rhyme!” she said, shoving an adjective hurriedly into her pocket. But as she left the shop, I heard her add “If they don’t, it’s a minor crime.” I locked the door in case she s…

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It’s odd, but it seems to me, standing on the outside as I am, that the closer you get to the real, the stranger and more wonderful it becomes.

Adventure Blong Yumi

Technically, we’ve just had a week’s worth of holidays. That is, the students have been on a week’s worth of holidays, and Anke and I (and all the other Don Bosco staff) have had a week of student-free curriculum development and departmental administration.

On Friday we were given a day off from that to participate in a special ‘retreat’, a chance to get away from the rigours of our regular work and do some introspection, some reflection, and to engage in a little personal growth.

Getting away from it all involved all of us piling into a truck and heading out to the other Don Bosco campus at Tetere.

100Entrance to Don Bosco Rural Training Centre Tetere

Tetere is slightly further from Henderson than Henderson is from Honiara. Here’s a map:

And here’s a link if you can’t see the embeded map:

We got to work straight away with…

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A Fruitful Retreat